First blog post

I have started this blog to type up my diary entries from my IVF experience.  I have started with a diary entry from January 1st 2016, followed by my latest journal entry which I wrote down this morning and typed up by lunchtime . All the content here was first handwritten into my journal and later typed up to share on this blog. I choose to share my diary entries on our IVF experience to reduce the stigma that surrounds fertility and infertility,to raise public awareness that many many ordinary people are affected by it, and to show solidarity with other people – male or female – also affected . I have no commercial or career aspirations, I have never shared personal experiences in the public domain before, this is motivated entirely by a genuine concern about the stigmas and taboos that surround fertility and infertility and the impact that has on those of us who face these health problems .


One thought on “First blog post

  1. My husband has been diagnosed with Azoospermia and he is going to have a TESE next week. Absolutely terrified and also just want to know the outcome now. It’s been over a year since we had the diagnosis and almost to the year we finally had our first appointment with the NHS feetsility clinic. I pray for you and your husband as I am praying for us. I love finding little blogs where people are sharing things we can relate to. It takes a long time to find these things, it really is a taboo! I can only hope to open up to others as you have and hope one day Our story can give others strength to carry on the fight. I’m hoping that once we have all the facts I can start our own blog. Thank you so much for being so open and honest and good luck to you both xx


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